Thursday, 24 December 2009

Rivero - "the cultural failing of jews"

WRH/MR: If there is one cultural failing of the Jewish people it is that they do not know when to quit. They get 90% of the way to controlling the world, then they cannot resist the temptation to show off, whereupon there is a public backlash. It has happened hundreds of times over the last few thousand years.

Hard to know where one should begin in describing how much bullshit that is. Wow. Rivero the historian, the social scientist........ Who knew history was so easy?

"If there is one cultural failing of the Jewish people....."

Can there reasonably be a single culture of "the Jewish people"? It's a religious [i]and[/i] ethnic distinction - there are atheist Jews, for instance. Rivero shows a ready inclination to make vapid generalisations about diverse groups (esp if they're Joooos)

"[the Jewish people] get 90% of the way to controlling the world......."

Don't you love the matter-of-factness? Of course "the Jewish people" are perenially out to "control the world"......and of course they always get to exactly 90% control before they

....cannot resist the temptation to show off.....

Well, who doesn't know that? Of course "the Jewish people" love to show off? Especially about how "they control the world"! We all know this? It's a priori? Of course, of course.

....whereupon there is a public backlash.

Rivero's explanation for "anti-semitism", I suppose? Anti-semitism is actually just the non-Jewish people throwing off their perenial persecutors, "the Jewish people"! Wow - didn't you know?

It has happened hundreds of times over the last few thousand years.

Really? There's only 20 lots of "hundreds" in the last 2000 years.

Does anyone believe this narrative has happened "hundreds of times in the last few thousand years"? Can anyone believe "the Jewish people" have gained "90% control of the world" hundreds of times? And then ruined their evil plans (hundreds of times) by inadvertently fomenting a backlash against their own hubris (hundreds of times)?


Rivero's comment, which appears in his "letters archive", is an admission that Rivero subscribes to the Hitlerite fantasy of "World Jewish Conspiracy", the primary motivating myth of Nazism.


socrates said...

TLNL, yesterday I went to WRH to check it out. There was a message saying they'd been hacked and lost a day or two of data. I googled the quote, and only your website showed up for it. Maybe it's there, but I don't know. Maybe he saw you gobbled it up and/or realised it was too blatantly anti-semitic and he scrubbed and pruned. So always make sure to screenshot, when he messes up like that.

I've been busy again. I got into figuring out a big slant that's been going on with internet disinfo, the satanic pedophile global conspiracy crap. That's the kind of stuff that's all over Rigorous Intuition. I have two new entries up. The current top entry is an extension of the first where I went after this ex-FBI dude named Ted Gunderson. He was a big wig FBI guy during the cointelpro era. He's been connected to right woos left and Willis Carto. You might want to check it out. I know the satanic panic crap ended up in England too, maybe in your Wales area. It was total rubbish. Many innocent people went to jail.

I would like to prove it, but a Christopher Link Jones seems to have been a webmaster for Gunderson. He seems to be the same guy who infiltrated Bohemian Grove and ended up being associated with Alex Jones. I feel like I have figured out the internet disinfo octopus. I think convolution has been deliberately spread to keep people thinking about real life huge conspiracies such as the one intrepid reporter Danny Casolaro was trying to solve. I'm talking Promis software, illegal weapon manufacturing on Indian reservations, Iran-Contra, and more.

Plus the convolution really does gum up the search engine works.

Anyway, happy holidays to you and your family.

the_last_name_left said...

The quote is from his letters archive - I added the link.

It's still at WRH, but in fact the other quotes I gave (in the posts following this one), have been expunged. Although the link does still work, the actual stories have been taken off of WRH frontpage.

"Hacker Attacks" could reasonably have a use as cover for rewrites, the expunging of embarassing articles and positions.......etc.

Rivero says they didn't lose "much".......and he also says the main story was the pope attack, and the site was hacked after they posted it. They did lose the deeply anti-semitic rubbish from the front page though.......(not the pope story)


Ted Gunderson? Oh lordy. Gunderson's a one-man octopus all his own! I've come across him again and the places you mention: 9/11 Troof, Okalahoma City IIRC, satanic abuse stuff (big story in California?), FBI, the patriot radio networks, the mad woman who goes on about MKUltra everywhere (Barabara Walters?)

I sigh inside everytime I come across a story where he's the source for anything. I don't think he can be treated seriously - he's been so mixed up with so much guff.

Gunderson will take you far and

There are few better candidates for being "disinfo" suspects imo iirc. I definitely think Gunderson is a worthwhile subject. It's quite a big subject, too, I think - so good luck! I look forward to it.

socrates said...

Nice, new TLNL entries. I always start to jones, if your blogging vacations go on for too long.

Thanks for the link. It further vindicates your theory that Alex Jones is also an anti-semite. Rivero says the Joos own 90% of the world. He's a frequent guest on the Alex Jones Show. Alex also believes in global conspiracy theory. There you have it.

I agree with you on the hacking thing. It could be a form of plausible deniability for every time something excruciatingly painful needs to be deleted. The hack message was taken down. He provides no proof of this alleged hack. It's like you say, he says things as if they are fact, yet provides no facts.

One of his main schticks revolves around him not being anti-semitic, just anti-Israeli policy towards the Palestinians. He has a new icon link with Ernst Zundel being praised as Europe's #1 prisoner of conscience. Right there is proof that Rivero is a holocaust denier. He's not saying that Zundel as a neo-nazi shouldn't be jailed for free speech. He's promoting him as a prisoner of conscience. The link by the way goes to That article is devoted to Zundel and other alleged, heroic political prisoners.

I'd have to research all the names, but it looks like they are all various forms of Jooo hater.

I'm done researching Gunderson. If he wasn't such a bigwig during the cointelpro period, he wouldn't matter. He'd just be another run of the mill internet whack job. He was at the forefront of pushing the satanic panic. He was definitely in cahoots with alleged MK Ultra cuckoo banana babes such as Barbara Hartwell and Brice Taylor. The latter says she was Bob Hope's slave, that she was a sex slave for political leaders. It's all part of a big, stupid psyop that is also pushed by Rigorous Intuition.

Barbara Walters is an American news personality. Maybe you were making a funny.

I made a funny in one of my recent entries. I titled a section Run for the Hills, It's Bob Hope!

Gunderson also says Sonny Bono was killed by hitmen and not trees. It's all a limited hangout for a true conspiracy called The Octopus. I've already put my new stuff up at DFQ2. I admit it's a bit disjointed. In my defense, I don't get paid to blog, and it's up to the reader anyway to figure it out for themselves.

I'm still waiting for PMC4, LLC. to bring me to court. Lol. That's pretty wild stuff that Rivero had the same address as them for contacting.