Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Al Giordano's NarcoNews Promoting Mike Ruppert 911 Conspiracy Film

Al Giordano's NarcoNews is promoting the film "Collapse", based upon a book by 911 arch-conspiracist Mike Ruppert (presumably "Crossing the Rubicon" - a highly tedious, and factually questionable "account" of a Govt conspiracy in 9/11)


Ruppert got mixed up with Delmart Vreeland, before claiming his offices were ransacked by "the powers that be", and fleeing to Venezuela, where his sanity and health were in question. He's been rehabilitated to Canada, apparently, his former blog now defunct.

Except it's not. It now claims to be a site about Peak Oil. And the film "Collapse" appears to be about Peak Oil - the collapse being the result of it, presumably.

I'm sympathetic to peak oil idea - indeed, I spent New Year's Eve 1999/2000 obsessed with the subject, about which, I then knew nothing. (We won't ever "run-out"......the issue is about insufficient supply, and the catastrophic decline in field output as they approach depletion.)

So Ruppert's recast as a Peak-Oil-er, now? And NarcoNews is (back?) supporting him?

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socrates said...

I noticed Giordano's support for Ruppert about a month ago when looking through some archives.

I think the Delmart Vreeland story can link up a lot of various disinfo dispensers together. There's Ruppert. Jeff Wells' friend was his attorney. Another of Wells' friends, Andy Stephenson of Bev Harris fame, was in contact with Vreeland and plugged his tinfoil at Democratic Underground.

I'm not sure what to make of peak oil. It seems to be common knowledge that the most easily pumped oil is almost gone. That the prices to produce more will only crescendo over time. I guess there is another side which says that is a hoax. It sounds like global warming. Some made up discussion. A limited hangout.

The obvious solution is to move to renewable, clean energies. That's a no-brainer.