Monday, 28 March 2011

A revealing difference

Protesters against government policy condemned in London as "violent mob", whilst Libyan rebel army is supported by British military.


Real Truth Online said...

When I point out similar hypocrisy on my blog about the leaders in my country, your response:

"ah, who cares?"

Real Truth Online said...

Thought you might wanna know, im done blogging. is broken and I have no clue how to fix it. No one gives a fuck and wants to help me...even

the_last_name_left said...

How come? What do you mean, broken? Your site is there.

Real Truth Online said...

It is ALOT of work to make posts now and many others are having this problem. I cant switch from HTML to "compose" without the line breaks disappearing and it jumbling my entire text into one big text. Google is not fixing this issue. I may still be able to post but it is soooooooo much harder and takes longer because I am forced to do almost all my editing [italics, coloring texts, etc] through HTML coding. If you dont have this issue, you're lucky.

I temporarily downloaded Google Chrome to see if the issue was the browser and it worked, the line breaks remained---BUT when I tried to color some parts of the text, it didnt let me.

This site is fucked up and Google doesnt give a shit.

Real Truth Online said...

I love when you come to my blog, post comments and question my stances, and I respond immediately and debunk evey fucking word, you disappear day in and day out. LOL. Love it.