Monday, 28 March 2011

More of Rivero's Hypocrisy - this time on Unions

Rivero has spent years attacking Trades Unions, yet now Wisconsin has flared up, Rivero has flip-flopped and in good populist style swung around to support "the people". Opportunist hypocrite......

Here's Rivero speaking about Unions recently -
More in similar vein has been appearing at his site during the Wisconsin protests. But it is completely hypocritical of Rivero to support Unions now - even on the terms he claims which is "to support working Americans keep what they have".

Here's some of Rivero's vilification of Unions from before the Wisconsin troubles -
It's very easy to find similar stories in Rivero's archives, all of them furiously attacking Trades Unions of course. So, Rivero's position is pure hypocritical opportunism. And again, nobody at his site raises the issue of why Rivero has performed a 180 reversal -- he has been union-bashing for years yet suddenly turns tailcoat now. Why? Nobody at his site notices, let alone do they care.

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