Monday, 21 March 2011

Rivero's volte-face complete

Last week Rivero supported military intervention in Libya. This week that same intervention he's calling a war crime, an unconstitutional illegal war.

Quite some turn around?

LAst week was claiming Israel was backing Gadaffi (50,000 mercenaries?) and therefore the USA would be forced to veto any UN action against Libya (because Israel rules the world, of course, of course.)

Following the UN vote in support of military intervention, Rivero has had to perform a volte face. Last week he was calling everyone "pussies" because it looked as if intervention lacked sufficient will and support. This week he's calling that intervention "a war" which he says is illegal and unconstitutional.

And nobody at his website mentions it. Did nobody notice it?

So, here's the pics of Rivero this week masquerading as a principled opponent of the military intervention, rather than the cheerleader he was just the week before:

He performs a complete volte face, then readjusts and settles back to find whom to blame......and it's Israel! Again! Big shock? It was all Israel's fault before events proved his analysis completely wrong - yet even now after he's performed a complete 180 he still blames Israel. Funny. His "anti-zionism" is unfalsifiable.

What a shameless twerp.

Here's Rivero from just last week, cheerleading for "an illegal war"....

More of Rivero's hypocrisy from last week, here.


socrates said...

Nice one. Maybe this could be material for an Is it the Joos or the oil sequal.

socrates said...

Ugh- meant to write sequel. Sequal is probably some synthetic form of sugar. Or maybe an actor, Steven Sequal.

the_last_name_left said...

hehe. Hi S. Hope all is well. ;)

socrates said...

Thanks, you too.

I found something you'd probably be interested in. Right Woos Black. For real, I've found the most outrageous blogger. She's the African-American version of Larry.

If you're interested, let me know.

Real Truth Online said...

"For real, I've found the most outrageous blogger. She's the African-American version of Larry."

In other words, a black woman you can't debunk? Or maybe a black woman who now and then uses profanity, and since you can't debunk her, you focus on the profanity over the substance of her posts?