Friday, 26 June 2009

Topham, Radical Press and the Far-right

Arthur Topham's been fingered as an anti-semite. As ever, he squeals about the injustice of it, the threat to "freedom" that recognition of his anti-semitism poses...........yeah, sure.

Could his whining be more tedious, laboured and self-defeating?

Here is Topham, proudly celebrating the fact that a leading light of the far-right, Paul Fromm, has joined Topham's cause. What a shock! Another fascist joining up with Topham to defeat the scurrilous and totally unfounded charges that Topham is an couldn't make it up. Somehow Topham feels this is going to help him! What better proves that Topham is just another far-right talking head masquerading as some beacon for "liberty". He wants the liberty to shovel his hateful shit....... Yes, before the abolition of slavery there was more "freedom" - freedom to own slaves. The dude is ridiculous.

Here's Topham digging a hole for himself:
As Publisher and Editor of I was most pleased and honoured to hear today from Paul Fromm, Director of CAFE, the Canadian Association for Free Expression, informing me that he has formally submitted a Notice of Motion to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal requesting standing as an Interested Party in the ongoing complaint case involving myself, and Harry Abrams and the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada.
Here's the basic lowdown on Paul Fromm
Frederick Paul Fromm (born January 3, 1949), known as Paul Fromm, is a Canadian neo-Nazi leader and racist with ties to the Ku Klux Klan. He has been described by national media as "one of Canada's most notorious white supremacists".
Not quite the dude you'd want to have on your side in a legal wrangle about anti-semitism, I'd have thought. Topham wants to be free to spew hate - to be racist - to be a pillock (nothing we can do about that)

And just to round-off the point about how cozy together all these fascists are - especially with 911 Troof - Paul Fromm was a speaker at the No More Wars for Israel conference, the anti-semitic conference masquerading as an anti-war conference, which was organised by fascists like Joe Fields of Nerdwave, Curt Maynard, Willis Carto, and which was covered live, and heavily trailed by Mr Mike Rivero, the "legendary" freedom-fighter from Funnily enough the conference was heavily trailed at WRH, and David Dukes site, Stormfront, Vanguard News Network..........the usual swill holes of american fascism. I write about this conference here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Rivero even put some pictures up - so everyone can see the fascist's misdirection conference. What a sweetheart. How can people deny Rivero is mixed up with the kooks of the far-right?

And 911 Troof cries - just like Topham - about how unfair it is to be "labelled" and "stigmatised" with words like "fascist!" and "racist", and even "anti-semite"? Oh - how unfair to so condemn them......... [I love the way fascists and racists seek to hide and obscure their real beliefs. They obviously know everyone else finds them disgusting.........but do they really think that by being deceptive about it people will somehow find them less disgusting? That's clearly their hope.]

It's simply true that much of 911 Troof and its proponents are mixed up with organised fascism. The obvious cross-over point is the 911 Troof meme of "It's Israel!" - it dovetails right into the racism and anti-semitic Hitlerite fantasies of Jewish World Conspiracy. Vonn Brunn is a clear example of how conspiracism and fascism can be so closely interwoven, and he is also more proof that they are.


curt maynard said...

"[I love the way fascists and racists seek to hide and obscure their real beliefs. They obviously know everyone else finds them disgusting.........but do they really think that by being deceptive about it people will somehow find them less disgusting? That's clearly their hope.]"

Nice try, I don't hide a thing at my blog, which by the way dwarfs the amount of traffic you get

the_last_name_left said...

CM: Nice try, I don't hide a thing at my blog
Ah - but what about Rivero? I happily acknowledge that you openly employ phrases like "time to cull the nigger herd". You're no shrinking violet, I'll grant you that.

But how then do you explain, for example, Eileen Fleming feeling "used" by you at the NMWFI conference?

And what about Rivero and the rest of them? Why didn't Rivero mention the essential presence of fascism at the conference? All that coverage, and not a word from Rivero. How come?

And what about at Stormfront? You know there are huge threads there pointing to discussion boards where SF members should post stuff that whilst it has far-right content and serves that cause, it still mustn't explicitly mention its real source. At least not until there's some interest shown, and PMs can help contact potential new recruits - as judged by their responses to the articles. That's political deception - and recruitment - and I'll admit it clearly works to an extent. People don't get what it is SF and Rivero and co are actually doing.

But my point still holds - why is subterfuge and infiltration so essential to fascists? Why are they so frightened of acknowledging what they are? Because they must know most people find it repugnant.

Why have a NMWFI conference and not a Nazi one saying the same things? Eh?

the_last_name_left said...

CM: my blog.....dwarfs the amount of traffic you get

HAHA. I'm sure it does. And I'm sure that's a very important point for you to make. lol.

Have you suddenly had an epiphany and realised the value of democracy or something? Else what do those numbers mean?

Or maybe you've even decided that mass culture is something other than trash and fodder for zombies, and sheeple, or whatever other phrases you and your friends love to use for the masses whom reject you? They're zombies, and morons and idiots, or so you and your friends keep telling us...right? Because everyone is brought up on 'Jew News', eh? Brainwashed, yeah? And yet so many people still dig you?

Something wrong with this picture.

Perhaps your jewish world conspiracy ain't so all encompassing as you fear? But that idea's important to you, though, isn't it? Your stuff is replete with such suggestions.

I refer to Umberto Eco to make the point (from "14 ways to spot a blackshirt"):

"Thus, by a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak!"

curt maynard said...

"Ah - but what about Rivero? I happily acknowledge that you openly employ phrases like "time to cull the nigger herd". You're no shrinking violet, I'll grant you that."

Find me the original source for that statement.

"But how then do you explain, for example, Eileen Fleming feeling "used" by you at the NMWFI conference?"

Your info is bad, I don't even know who Eileen Fleming is, never met her, never corresponded with her, and I had nothing to do with the conference you speak of, wasn't involved in its planning and didn't attend.

socrates said...

I find it shocking that anyone would link to Rivero due to his ties to this evil bigot. I wouldn't be surprised that he wrote about culling the "N" herd. It's probably from one of his blogs that's been deleted. I found the following. I refuse to link to this dirtbag. He referred to Obama as a magic "n" at the helm. He also wrote this:

"My suggestion is, if you live where niggers are prevelant, carry a gun, and shoot the black bastards if they get ignorant. [Meant in a legal sense of course]"

I'll give him credit for one thing. He seems to know how to not cross a certain line which will get him arrested for making threats of violence. Though perhaps someone good from law enforcement would like to press charges against him for this one. I'm not a lawyer, but it seems that Maynard is inciting violence against black people. This guy is soooo evil. Maybe let him get in a few more comments and start deleting his bullshite. It seems like he is into any sort of publicity, even when it is bad. Now how someone like Tinoire of Progressive Independent can ever justify her promotion of Rivero is beyond me. There is no way folks cannot be unaware of this type of thing. What about Alex Jones? I guess we should be grateful that people like them make it so easy to out them as bigots due to their ties to over the top rednecks like this guy.

the_last_name_left said...

yeah - the "time to cull the nigger herd" is from PCApostate - long ago deleted - awwww, shame.

Here's the reference:
Never trust niggers! Never speak to niggers, never give them anything, never do anything for them, and NEVER turn your back on them. Pretty soon our government is going to have to allow us to cull the nigger herd, because if they don't, nigger crime and its consequences might just blow up in their face.

Curt Maynard AKA PCAPostate
so granted - I slightly misquoted from memory. Essence is the same though.

And you had absolutely *nothing* to do with that conference, Curt?

Hmmm. Ok. Maybe I am mistaken?

It was just all your chums.........

@socrates - yeah, i guess the US 1st amendment makes it ok. "Freedom" huh?

socrates said...

This is what makes it so crazy about Rivero. How can he not know this guy is a total bigot? My hunch is that Rivero is playing a strawman for fake progressives who then say the racism is coming from the left. That's where Tinoire and other fake lefties fit in, with their sleeping in bed with the Special Forces Underground ally. I've seen people call Alex Jones a lefty. Unless folks dive into the internet, they are susceptible to getting played.

The irony is that Curtis Maynard appears sincere in his insanity, while Rivero is cynically playing a role for a paycheck.

I was talking to a policeman about cyberstalking. If someone makes a threat against Obama or anyone else in power, the Feds will be there faster than Superman. Asshats who spew hate in general seem to be protected by the first amendment. However, if they start posting bomb instructions or anything like that, they will be busted. Unless of course you are Hal Turner with his FBI ties. Even though Sean Hannity's friend has been recently arrested, I don't think he ever saw jail time for posting bomb links. The same can't be said for Sherman Austin, who didn't even post them but were found on his server.

the_last_name_left said...


the difference between Rivero and Maynard is strange: Maynard at least seems honest about holding repugnant views. That seems less reprehensible than Rivero because Rivero indulges those views whilst creating an image of being against them. By doing so he (dangerously imo) obscures the issues and effectively hides genuine fascism. Like prisonplanet, Rivero ends up in a world of doublespeak - where healthcare becomes tyranny, socialism and liberalism are 'fascist', and holocaust denial is protecting freespeech.

Maynard obviously doesn't have to take so much care as do Rivero and Alex Jones.

But seen as a continuum, they can all be seen as operating towards the same ends. Alex, then Rivero act as "the gatekeepers" they always go on about.......only they're the frontline and recruiting/marketing office for the far-right. Fascism with a smiling face.....and a DVD for sale.

It's been funny to see PRisonplanet's reactions to Obama.....

ATM they're wanting to howl against the Healthcare Reform Bill - on principle of their NWO conspiracy stuff - but prisonplanet punters seem rightly confused, and not especially keen to take the bait of criticising taxing the rich to pay for working-class healthcare.

The Obama admins efforts at healthcare reform (and higher taxation for wealthy americans) is going down as "proof of tyranny" at Prisonplanet.


socrates said...

True lefties are hard to find in the blogosphere. Right woos left goes beyond Chip Berlet's angle. I bet you're right, that a lot of Prison Planet readers are geting mixed signals. They are being thrown around like rag dolls. First it's the evil Bush Cheney cabal. Now it's the commie Obama. I see them as good cop bad cop. I'm not happy with Obama. To me it's obvious that not much is getting done. It's perpetual fake gridlock. The masses are lost in the sophistry of right versus left, while the rich continue to dine on the caviar. Gotta get some shut eye. Thanks for your efforts. What you have come up with over the years makes sense. Otherwise these guys would just ignore you. Think about it. They came up with some bullshite script that we are the same person. They kind of shut down that WRH Unofficial forum because of us. That's how I see it. No way was that some randon shutdown. More reason for me to believe Rivero was quite involved with that place. It was bizarre. They tried to delete the whole thing. But the kooky script got saved. You know, the thread you started. I challenge anyone to find a copy of that anywhere else than at my humble forum.

the_last_name_left said...

hehe - I've enjoyed seeing prisonplanet punters actually disagreeing with Ron Paul's article at PrionPlanet that says "Healthcare is a good - not a right." Clearly that goes against the grain a it fucking should.