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Eileen Fleming, Rivero, white supremacists, No More Wars for Israel Conference

Eileen Fleming was a headline-speaker at the No More Wars for Israel Conference - which Rivero promoted, and broadcast from Live on his radio show. She was trailed as a journalist, author and pro-Palestinian activist (associated with Mordechai Vanunu, whom the conference was allegedly "dedicated" to.)

She later said of the conference and its organisers

I certainly feel used......

Eileen Fleming attended the conference as a speaker - but seems to have been amongst those duped by the fascists. Hence her use of the term "used". She has worked with Modechai Vanunu

- and seems to have been invited to the conference in part because of her association with Vanunu (the conference claimed to be dedicated to Vanunu.) There's an obvious utility for fascists appearing to share common concerns with anyone having issues with Israel/Jews - hence the conference's dedication to Vanunu, the inclusion of Eileen Fleming on the speaker list, and the general exploitation of the Palestinian issue by fascism, as evidenced by this conference.

When criticised later, she wrote:

......[I] repent that I did NOT investigate the histories of those involved.

Many friends warned me there would be White Supremacists there - I thought they would be in the audience; NOT speaking!

I would never have been a part of the event if I had known that!

That's from Eileen Fleming's own blog - her replies to comments on the above linked discussion board provide some insight on the event, especially as her account contradicts claims by the organisers and other speakers.

She was the dupe.

So it is crucial to notice what Eileen did mention, but Rivero and the other cohorts did not.

Perhaps as damage limitation Eillen had written a later disclaimer of sorts on her website blog - it said:

The conference continued on Sunday, but I had already split and found out on Monday that some of the speakers, who spoke on Sunday, were white supremacists. I thank god I was not in attendance, for I abhor and detest any ideology which presupposes any person is superior to any other.

Notice that Fleming suggests she didn't know some of the speakers were white supremacists until afterwards. Maybe she did, maybe she didn't.

But it is impossible for Mike Rivero to make the same claim.

Rivero knew who was at the conference in advance - he promoted it, he broadcast from it, he railed against its supposed censorship, and of course he daily links to articles and websites of those most involved with the conference.

So Rivero is closely associated with the exact same people Eillen Fleming denounces as "white supremacists" and whose ideology she finds "abhorrent and detestable."

Funny - but all those are Rivero's links - his articles - his network

And Eileen Fleming finds them "abhorrent and detestable". Strange, when she was a speaker at a conference Rivero so heavily plugged and supported that she should find something so abhorrent, but Rivero never even sees fit to mention it?

Evidently Rivero doesn't find the ideology "abohorrent and detestable".

Rivero never even mentions the presence of what Eileen Rowley considers "abhorrent and detestable". That's lieing by omission. In the service of fascism.

This fits with the wider charge that Rivero promotes fascism whilst hiding it. It also is an example of the pointed criticism that Rivero only denounces fascism when it is associated with non-fascists.

When it is "The Real McCoy" fascism - then Rivero is silent. When it is genuinely racist, anti-semitic, neo-nazism and fascism - Rivero completely ignores it. KNOWINGLY - WILFULLY - SO AS TO MISLEAD HIS READERS.


eileen fleming said...

I had thought the event of Oct. 13, 2007 had disappeared down a cyber hole, but I do appreciate this resurrection to fill you in some more about what is happening with Vanunu NOW.

BTW-I did speak at the event with the hope to raise some funds for Vanunu's Defense, but that did not happen.

I did however just return from my 7th trip to oPt in four years and Vanunu told me:

"They renewed the restrictions to not speak to foreigners until November.

"I meet foreigners every day. I am talking with people every day.

"But I am not writing or announcing the appeal until after it happens.

"It was scheduled for January, then May 6th and June 18th. Now I am waiting for a new court date.

"The Central Commander of the General Army testified in court that it is OK if I speak in public as long as I do not talk about nuclear weapons.

"I think the court will realize even if they send me back for three months-what will they do after that?

"It is all about freedom of speech."

[Excerpted from A Sunday with Vanunu: ]

Please send Vanunu your message of support through his contact info @

See Vanunu on video 2005, 2006, 2008 @ VANUNU ARCHIVES:

the_last_name_left said...

Hello Eileen. Thanks for posting.

I take it that you don't disagree with my description of the NMWFI conference as essentially a far-right/white supremacist/fascist front which cynically exploited the issues of Palestine and your connections with Mordechai Vanunu?

My interest hasn't been in attacking you for attending a fascist conference, but rather to explain that you were duped by them. I employ it as an example of the deception and cynicism characteristic of fascism. My target is not you but the fascists, and their efforts at hiding behind and hijacking more popular causes.

I find it quite disgusting how Mike Rivero promotes such a conference, and deliberately hides the definite presence and involvement of organised fascism: it's a disgusting exploitation of Mordechai Vanunu, you, and his audience. The same with Palestine - the fascists simply use and exploit the issue as a stick with which to beat Israel.

I mean, as if racists and white supremacists genuinely care about Vanunu or Palestinians? Obviously they don't.

They used you for their own you later realised.

And you never managed to make any money to help Vanunu's defence fund? Why not? It doesn't surprise me, and I venture it's because the fascists aren't actually interested in any of that. They were just interested to have Vanunu and your name as a badge with which to hide their own malignancy? They sought your presence partly to serve as innoculation against the accusation of anti-semitism.

Perhaps you're interested to read this about that conference and its organisation, and the fallout that happened afterwards?

In that letter, John De Nugent writes to Mark Glenn thus:

"....Willis Carto, who runs your newspaper columns,and Joe Fields are white nationists just as I am. And without us white nationists, there would have been no conference. Without our money, our mailing lists, our activists and our speakers the conference would have collapsed."

Personally I knew before it happened that the conference was actually a front to promote the cause of white supremacism and fascism - an excuse to engage in anti-semitism. But that's because I'd been following this sort of behaviour for some time, and therefore knew about the people involved, and something of how they operate. That's what I'm trying to do with this blog - to show how people like Rivero can hide behind and hijack popular progressive movements, when they're really promoting racism, anti-semitism, white nationalism and fascism. I want to try to explain and illustrate how they exploit and deceeive people like you, Vanunu, Palestinians, and an unsuspecting public.

No desirable goal is served by having the support of these people - indeed, it's damaging to have them around, insinuating their racist and fascist propaganda into discourse. (That's all part of the entire point of their deception and infiltration, of course - as you perhaps better comprehend, now?)

Supporters of Rivero and co always protest that it isn't true Rivero is hitched up with racists, jew-haters and nazis : either they're being dishonest, or they are (like you were, perhaps) just ignorant of how these people operate and what their real intentions are. (I find it very hard to imagine Mordechai V would see such support as helpful - I wonder how he'd feel about it.)

I was very glad to see you attempt to distance yourself from those people and their cause. Well done for that.

It might better help you to further distance yourself, and it would help me in my task, if you would write something of relevance about the conference, and perhaps I can post it here, if you allow me?

I'd really appreciate that - and it might help prevent someone else being duped as you were, which can only be a good thing, right?

What do you think about it?

socrates said...

Micheal Rivero used to work for McDonnell Douglas.


Why was Rivero working for one of the largest military contractors? I've tried a bit of cybersleuthing. There is a subsidiary of Mcdonnell Douglas in Jackson Heights, New York. I found that location through the whois. There is something very fishy about Michael Rivero beyond him being tied in directly to bigots and fascism.

the_last_name_left said...

So what *is* it?

Hi Socrates :)

socrates said...

Hey Dude, it looks like the years have passed {over fifteen years}, and the subsidiary isn't who he worked for. It deals with health insurance or something. I could track it down if you want. The main point is this asshat talks all about cointelpro. How come he was so quick to tell the world he was an animator or something for NASA but not whatever for the world's largest military contractor at the time. This screenshot is even better. It clearly shows that he worked for McDonnell Douglas.


The link's at my forum. It's been there for a while. It just dawned on me that this is important stuff. One needn't even get into the Israel-Palestine topic to point out that this guy is a fascist with neonazi ties. I think these people are the proverbial disinformation agents. There's no other explanation for when the slimebags at the "Unofficial" forum said we were the same person and we are Mossad. There's this guy called Patrick Timpone who interviewed someone named Eustace Mullins. These fockers are so predictable. They talk up depopulation and the federal reserve. But they never point to the evils of the capitalistic system. For them it's about the scapegoats. For me it's the same old same old. Decrease the military by 80% and disband or neuter the CIA, the NSA, and every other fascist element that has power over and/or within the US Government. Our military is the biggest threat to world peace, imho. We should rebuild the economies based on renewable energies along with social justice. But these finger fockers are all about looking kooky with awful strawmen ideas and sources. They make the mainstream media look legit!

That's another thing. The right wing conspiracy disinfo slobs talk up about Jews owning Hollywood and the banks, but they are anti-unions. It's all smoke and mirrors. This is why folks like us get trolled on. Ok, for those who don't know about it, there used to be a forum affiliated with Rivero. They housed his letters. Rivero gave them a prominent link.When a few of us exposed them for being the most vile of anti-semites, or my take it was all an act, they came up with an elaborate cybersmear script. They tried to bury the evidence. The forum got scrubbed and then deleted. But I saved a chunk of it, before it was flushed away for eternity. Last-Dude-left, we pinned the tail on the disinfo donkeys, and for our efforts, we got cybersmeared. Here's the saved thread along with the original that they spammed last_name_left's thread with. They made no effort to distinguish between myself, Last_name_left and someone named may41970. One can check the original thread to see what I mean. The scam was that we were all the same person. But it backfired. There are a few of us pure trollbusters on the internet. I think most of the net is rigged. People make fun of that point, but it has been proven over and over again, most recently by Dave Weintraub, who proved that the Daily Kos is rigged.

It's Not About Israel/Zion/Jews, says Rivero? by tlnl

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