Monday, 9 November 2009

"HOAX!" says Rivero (about swaztikas daubed at Dresden synagogue on eve of Kristallnacht anniversary)

An article in the Jerusalem Post reports:
Police in the eastern German city of Dresden said a synagogue in the city has been defaced with swastikas and other far-right symbols.

Dresden police said the symbols were painted on an outer wall of the downtown Neue Synagoge.

There were no immediate suspects but state police are investigating.

The vandalism comes just ahead of the 71st anniversary Monday of the 1938 Nazi Kristallnacht - Night of Broken Glass - pogrom.
Rivero's response? It's a hoax!
Mike Rivero: How do we know this is another hoax? Aside from the prior long history of hoaxes...

On that logic, for Rivero, it's a hoax. Amazing. What a schmuck.

It's a hoax because.....there's been "a long history of other hoaxes"? Has there? More importantly, Kristallnacht was no hoax.....nor is the long history of anti-semitism, in Nazi Germany or elsewhere - though Kristallnacht holds a special place in the history of pogroms. There's no reason whatsoever to expect it to be "a hoax". (One perpetrated by joooos? Seriously?)

Rivero continues, somewhat obliquely and childishly, claiming
When you were a kid, playing Cowboys and Indians, or Cops and Robbers, did you WANT to be the Indian or the Robber? No, normal human instinct is to play at being the winners.

Well, big news flash here, the Nazis LOST and destroyed their country in the process. Nobody wants to be them. The so-called "American Nazis" are no more genuine than the "American Al Qaeda".

The Nazis are long gone, a relic of the last century. The recent survey taken of British school children shows that Hitler and the Nazis are not high in the public's awareness. Nobody but Israeli propagandists even think of them any more. Nobody wastes time with Swastikas any more but Israel's propagandists.
Is Rivero a first-class prick, or what? Does Rivero know Dresden very well? Does he know the situation vis a vis neo-nazism there?

And nobody wants to be Nazis? What about your friends, Herr Rivero?? They seem pretty keen. They do, after all, "waste their time" - and ours - with their Swaztika. As do you, Mr Rivero. Like when you sent your audience to a Swedish Neo-Nazi website, under the pretence that it was a Swedish rally for freespeech. It was in fact a Neo_nazi march in support of the holocaust denial of fascist-associated Ernst Zundel. "Swedes" hardly works to describe "SWEDISH NEO-NAZIS".

One of the comments left for Rivero's entry says:
If you planned to paint the synagogue anyway, what's a little primer in the shape of a nazi cross going to hurt?
Hilarious, no?

UPDATE: Rivero reported on the desecration of a grave (in Iran) of an Iranian protestor, shot dead in anti-government rallies in June 2009. Rivero's present support of Iran leads him to claim:
"If you can't identify and name the perps, you have absolutely no idea of who desecrated this grave, period, end of discussion."
For Rivero, some desecrations are different to others, obviously.


socrates said...

Good job, though you might want to add the permalinks to such finds. Rivero wants us to forget about Nazi Germany and WW2? He's sounding like Stormfront here. Not that I read Stormfront. I just figure it's the same. So Rivero isn't even hiding the fact that he peddles progpaganda.

Mike Rivero is a holocaust denier. When I got into exposing this crap a few years ago, I screenshot a letter to him saying something about the Red Cross and made up numbers of those killed. I checked it out. WRH are the ones who are spreading hoaxes and lies.

Anti-semitism is a historic thing. Thankfully culturally devoid idiots don't run the world. There was some pretty evil stuff coming out of the Unofficial WRH forum. It was pure hatred of Jews. And Rivero featured them prominently at his domain and allowed them to house his letters. I think Rivero is a paid fake. Otherwise, he'd never have become a name. I also think he is a scumbag, but not the same thing as a run of the mill redneck racist. I believe Rivero is one of the top candidates for being part and parcel of "internet cointelpro," whatever that phrase signifies. Yeah, I know I have no paycheck stubs. Been there done that.

socrates said...

I've a new blog entry concerning Markos Moulitsas Zuniga of the Daily Kos. It can be found here and here.

the_last_name_left said...

that's really good.

why did Moulitsas's family feel the need to flee El Salvador......and how come they were in a position to do so?

Being part of the ruling class would explain it.

ie being part of the class which opposed indigenous democracy but supported american imperialism. banana republic stuff. that explains it.....and the move from obscurity to a "media success".

I don't know it is true......but it's plausible, for sure.

One thing - you write about the Moulitsas' that

The Suites Jaltepeque is our family-owned hotel on El Salvador's Costa del Sol -- the largest uninterrupted beach in Central America.

but the Francis Holland page says all that, but also says "the wealthiest" stretch. Important - as Moulitsas is suggesting he was a poor immigrant. Nobody who is "poor" owns an entire hotel in the wealthiest part of anywhere.That's the point? So it needs to be explicit.

Good stuff, Socrates :)

the_last_name_left said...

S: While Markos does have a parent from Greece, I think he is dark-skinned enough to be implying that he was on the poor side of the Civil War.

I don't know his skin colour has anything to do with it, but the implication of his comments certainly seems to be he was poor - and thereby on the side of El Salvadore's poor.....dispossessed etc. The "good guys"....kinda.

The point about that - Mr Kos's position of El Salvador - is interesting. What IS, and what WAS his position on it, in detail? Does he ever say? I doubt it.

If it is impossible to find his position on that situation, I'd say that incriminates him all the more.

I mean, he does say

the underlying changes gave me cause for hope. There were a great number of dark-skinned people in business suits

That's hardly the analysis a hippy might make. It's not exactly "super-enlightened" is it? It's not exactly "progressive", either. It's something Reaganite hoods in central america would say. It's what they'd want, and what they'd work for. Only they'd shoot trades unionists to achieve it.

There really should be a way to fit Mr Kos's views on El Salvador, and the Reagan death-squads and all that into Mr Kos's wider views, and they should be in harmony with his own professed views, and with those of his audience and supporters.

If it doesn't exist at all, that'd be a real red flag to me. If it does exist, it still doesn't discount the view that he's a right wing tool.

I'd be surprised if there exists clear statements by Mr Kos about El Salvador. Ideological people seem very reluctant to promote ideas they deeply disagree with, even when required for reasons of subterfuge.

the_last_name_left said... says:

Moulitsas was born in Chicago to a middle class, ethnically-Greek family from El Salvador (his uncle, an architect, had briefly been that country's education minister). The family moved back to El Salvador when Moulitsas was four and was on the right-wing side of the Cold War proxy fight there. But as that war's intrusions became unbearable--Moulitsas talks about stepping over dead bodies--the family returned to Chicago, where he grew up, in his own words, "a loudmouthed nerd."

Well, it says that his uncle was an architect, and education minister ........and that his family were "on the right-wing side of the cold-war proxy fight"


the_last_name_left said...

and..........from the same article:

After high school, Moulitsas, then a Reagan Republican thanks largely to the White House's support of the Salvadorean government, spent four years as an army artillery scout, mainly in Germany. He had begun to gravitate leftwards while in the military--its diversity had incubated in him a kind of nascent identity politics liberalism--and when he was discharged and enrolled at Northern Illinois University, he became active in campus politics, writing a column for the school paper and helping to lead the college's Hispanic student group. After he graduated, he took another degree, from Boston University's law school, and then, in 1998, moved out to San Francisco to try his luck in Silicon Valley.

Maybe he and Tinoire met before? LOL

socrates said...

Thanks TLNL. That was probably one of my better entries in a while.

Holland's is an interesting story. He's from a whole other milieu you've never been around. There's a whole subculture of bullshite that has grown out of the Kos Empire, call it the soapblox family. It's probably too late in the game to explain to you. That's how these fockers get away with it. How is anyone able to get through to everyone about everything disingenuous going on with the net?

Holland covers a lot of stuff. I've been more into figuring out internet social connections and ideologies more as a whole. He gets spun as having a personal vendetta against Moulitsas. You know how it is. Any of us who come up with stuff are branded as crazy trolls. Evidence be damned.

I see your point about him trying to portray himself as an immigrant, seeing how it kind of helped prove that Moulitsas is still a right winger. I've never seen him mention death squads. I've only seen him mention deaths caused by masked guerrillas. I'm not sure why I gave him a free ride on that. Maybe it's from all the peer pressures put on Francis before he was totally exiled from the soapblox world. He was utterly attacked, even by people who purport to be critical of Moulitsas. More like gatekeeping. Say like if you attacked Rivero, but only to a point, and in a way which made it seem you were making things up against him. That's what I'm talking about.

There's a guy named Karmafish who followed him from DKos to MyLeftWing. He even admitted to that being his purpose in going there. He ended up with others getting Francis banned. Karmafish is very pro-Israeli government, but he acts as Mr. Progressive. But when I was there, and I brought in my "Joos did it" stuff, he acted dumb and blind. That also happened to me at a place called Prosemite undercover. They liked my going after anti-semitism at Progressive Independent. They had watched my back and proved that Tinoire lied with her rationale for banning me. Anyway, when I started bringing up Rivero, they didn't seem to care. I don't get it. I'm not averse to dialogue with Israel supporters, but I don't understand why a lot of them love mentioning Jooo hate in the left-o-sphere, but they rarely have cared about understanding the Joo hate brought into it via right wing sources. Brad doesn't want folks to know about Brett. Likewise, the zeitgeist doesn't seem to want folks to understand the true implications of Tinoire, Jeff Wells, Brett Kimberlin, and many more, and how they can all be tied together. I think there is a lot of fakery going on, and that people who control the moderating at Daily Kos are in cahoots with these others. But it's complex and convoluted and unfortunately late in the game and we aren't paid to do this etc. et al you know it.

Kos sounds very similar to Tinoire. Don't get me started. I have no concrete proof other than circumstantial evidence that these fockers are all from the same agency. And that's what got Francis blacklisted. It's how I get stereotyped as calling out everything and everyone as cointelpro.

Thanks for those finds. At least one of them I'll post at Francis' site.


socrates said...

I'm telling you, I could do their job better than them, if they are paid fakes. I think they are. They need to stay organic. Tinoire should have embraced her military intelligence comment when it reemerged last month. She could have said it was no big deal. She could have humanised intelligence. That's what Kos was trying to do in his 2006 interview with the Commonwealth Club. But where he messed up was in pissing off the wrong people. You know of the mysterious S. Boyle, yourself, me, and some others who have figured out Rivero. Markos Moulitsas Zuniga pissed off too many of the wrong people. I'm talking attorneys. I'm talking whole websites devoted to busting his chops. This is a big story. It's like with Brad and Brett Productions. It would take a while for you to figure it out. This is how they get away with it. They control the moderating across the milieu. It's one big mind game to them for grifting, disinfo, or both.

socrates said...

Speaking of Tinoire, there is a forum called Prosemite Undercover which has been going after her for years. I'm finding some interesting things already.

It looks like you know you've learned something revealing about her, when the link given to her website returns with a missing topic message. That has happened with one concerning her admiration for a group called Neturei Karta. One quote of hers still available is, "If Israel can't get along with people, Israel needs to be dismantled as a failed experiment."

I think she is just like Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos. She is play acting being a leftist. Someone wrote that she was citing Pat Buchanan. I think her plan may be to ultimately delete whatever is left of PI. I think she'll try to make it seem she runs a far left, marxist place and has gotten rid of the anti-semites. That way years of her allowing blatant Jew hating will no longer be around. I bet she wishes she never wrote being military intelligence, just like Kos probably regrets having said what he did about the CIA.