Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Who is Burt Blumert?

Burton S. Blumert (born February 11, 1929 in New York City, died March 30, 2009) was the president of the Center for Libertarian Studies in Burlingame, California, chairman of the Mises Institute, and the publisher of LewRockwell.com. Before his retirement in 2008, he bought and sold precious metals as the proprietor of Camino Coin Company.


Bought and sold precious metal? Just like Mr Alex Jones and co? And just like Mr Ron Paul, with his $1m investments in precious-metal mining.

But don't all these people attack the "spivs" making money out of nothing, trading currency as commodity?

And is the Mises Institute itself especially productive and efficient, market-driven and "free"? Hmmm.

Burt Blumert, eh?

As an aside, I believe a major thing arises from Ron Paul's attempts to explain away the issue over the newsletters - How do we now know when something with Paul's name on it actually represents Paul?

And does Paul believe it? Or not? When do we find out?

Does it represent his view on policy, or not? People really deserve to know. Not 20 years later.

If the Paul camp issue a newsletter tomorrow, for example on education, should anyone believe it? Is it subject to complete revision and repudiation later - as with previous 'gross errors' in the now infamous newsletters?**

** - recognising, of course, that once in power no such repudiation would be necessary.

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Real Truth Online said...

"How do we now know when something with Paul's name on it actually represents Paul?"

One incredibly easy way to figure this out would be if something that is printed actually is either quoting something Ron Paul actually said, OR if the words represented Paul's principles that he actually either said in public, on the House floor, on TV and radio or in his books. Unlike the racist comments in the so-called "Ron Paul newsletters", in which not ONE...not ONE racist comment mentioned in the newsletters even comes anywhere CLOSE to representing or quoting anything Paul has said in public, in YouTube videos, on TV, on the House floor, on the radio, in his books, in interviews, in magazines, in speeches or in campaign literature.

You will not find ANYTHING racist in the mediums I mentioned above---or even close to racist. You won't find them anywhere...anywhere. That's the #1 reason why it is appalling that fucktards like you hear these obvious smears against Ron Paul and immediately crucify him without doing ONE SECOND of investigation. It's in the media, so it MUST be true, right??

Yet, you do ZERO investigation to check all the mediums I listed above to see anything he has EVER said comes anywhere CLOSE to racist!

I challenge you to search each of the mediums I listed above and if you find even ONE comment even CLOSE to being racist in ANY of those mediums no matter how old it is----THEN you will have the answer to your question "How do we now know when something with Paul's name on it actually represents Paul?"

Anything short of finding racist comments [or anything CLOSE to racist] in those mediums is poor reporting, laziness, deliberate misinformation, propaganda and fradulent activity---and would be the basis for you to have a libel lawsuit brought against you.