Thursday, 12 January 2012

Where's Rivero's outrage this time?

The Guardian has an interesting report today:
"Russia's apparent military support for the Syrian regime emerged on Wednesday when a Russian ship carrying 60 tonnes of arms for Damascus was stopped in Cyprus.

The MV Chariot, which set off from St Petersburg in early December, was forced to pull into the Greek Cypriot port of Limassol because of stormy seas. It had been on its way to Turkey and Syria, inspectors said.

Customs officials who boarded the ship discovered four containers. They were unable to open them but concluded that they contained a "dangerous cargo". State radio in Cyprus went further, alleging that the Chariot was carrying "tens of tonnes of munitions".

Russia is one of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad's few remaining international allies. Moscow resents what it regards as western encroachment on its traditional sphere of influence and has continued to supply Damascus with advanced weapons and other arms, to the annoyance of Washington.

For its part, Syria gives Russia a strategic foothold in the Mediterranean via a shared naval maintenance facility in the port of Tartus.

The cargo ship was apparently heading to the Syrian port city of Latakia. As well as blocking a UN resolution last October in the security council, condemning Syria's human rights resolutions, the Kremlin is sending its warships to call on Syrian ports this summer.

The Cypriot foreign ministry said the boat was allowed to continue its voyage after assurances from the Russian owners it would not go to Syria. The Chariot, a St Vincent and Grenadines-flagged ship, technically broke an EU arms embargo to Syria, imposed amid Assad's continued violent crackdown against peaceful demonstrators.

The embargo does not apply to Russia or Turkey, non-EU members. The vessel left , apparently en route to Turkey. Turkey, once a close partner of Syria, is now one of the regime's most strident critics, and has afforded refuge to its opposition leadership.

Cyprus's Greek-language Politis newspaper reported that the vessel was carrying ammunition of various calibres and that the recipient was the Syrian ministry of defence. Another newspaper, Simerini, said initial reports suggested it was carrying 35 tonnes of explosives, weapons and munitions.

Last summer Cyprus suffered a disaster after it confiscated munitions aboard another cargo ship heading to the Middle East. In February 2009 officials seized 85 gunpowder-filled containers from a Cypriot-flagged ship that was suspected of transporting them from Iran to Palestinian militants in Gaza through Syria.

Those containers, left piled in an open field at a naval base, blew up in July, killing 13 people and wrecking the island's main power station in the island's worst peacetime military accident.
I thought Rivero liked getting upset about blockades (and arms supplies and suppression of the popular will.) But this is Syria and Russia we're on about, so it's fine. Not even news.

From elsewhere at the Guardian:

• Arab League observer Anwar Malek has resigned because he said the monitoring mission was a farce. He told al-Jazeera that Syria is failing to implement any of the League's proposals and engaging in fabrication and deception.

• Syria's embattled president, Bashar al-Assad, yesterday blamed "foreign conspiracies" supported by Arab states for the crisis in his country and promised to crack down on terrorism with "an iron fist". In a defiant speech at Damascus university he said: "We cannot relent in the battle against terrorism. We strike with an iron fist against terrorists who have been brainwashed."

So, Rivero will be tearing into Syrian leadership for using terrorism as an excuse for its own militarism, right? Right?

Of course he's not - this is Russia and Syria, the great bastions of freedom and democracy......


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