Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Dr Larry Simons, the world's leading expert on 911 proven Wrong, Wrong, Wrong (again)

Dr Larry Simons, the world's pre-eminent expert on the new pseudo-science of Conspiracism-ism, was tonight refusing to answer calls to his BlogSite.

Meanwhile, pressure mounts around the world for Dr Larry to simply admit he was "Wrong Wrong Wrong". So far, Dr Simons' only response is to continuously delete posts to his website.

This follows an incident earlier this week when, in a shocking new development, Larry Simons put his entire spoonful of credibility behind his own claim that
the smok [SIC] in the clip I posted is very BLACK smoke meaning the fires aren't as hot. Whiter smoke means a more hotter fire.
Responding to this shocking outburst, the Peoples' Champion and fearless blogger, the_last_name_left responded by quoting an article published by FireEngineering.com which completely refutes Larry Simon's claims.

The FireEngineering.com article in question is called 'THE ART OF READING SMOKE' and is freely available online. Refuting Larry's claims entirely the expert publication clearly says
"the more black the smoke, the hotter the smoke."
Moreover, to make the point more clear, the article proceeds to explain what it calls "Black Fire":
“Black fire” is a good phrase to describe smoke that is high-volume, turbulent velocity, ultradense, and black. Black fire is a sure sign of impending autoignition and flashover. In actuality, the phrase “black fire” is accurate-the smoke itself is doing all the destruction that flames would cause-charring, heat damage to steel, content destruction, and victim death. Black fire can reach temperatures of more than 1,000°F! Treat black fire just as actual flames.....
Readers should note here that "black fire" (thick, energetic, dense black smoke) is stated by real experts to represent fires that can be burning at temperatures of over 1000F - the temperature at which steel loses half it's strength.

As the shock of the world-renowned-expert Larry Simons being proven completely wrong (again) reverberated around the world of the blogosphere, Simons responded by repeatedly deleting the offending posts by the_last_name_left.

Pressure was said to be growing on Simons as his own claims to be 'a fearless troof-seeker' were proven completely untenable. However, Simons - who claims to be a doctor, architect, fire-expert and world-renowned Conspiracist - has released the following confusing statement -
"the definition to "black fire" is not mentioning what the COLOR of the SMOKE is...it is simply the name given to the FIRE----NOT the SMOKE"
But even supporters of Dr Larry The Architect were last night heard to be mumbling about how he was talking "so much shit" and how the phrase "Black Fire" clearly meant 'smoke', and not fire - as Dr Larry claims.

As fears for Dr Larry's sanity grow, pop-psychologists suggest Larry's only possible response is to admit he had indeed been proven WRONG WRONG WRONG and that his entire basis for claiming 'the fires weren't that hot' has been securely refuted by experts in the field.

Meanwhile, back at the_last_headquarters_left, internet-blogger the_last_name_left was once again busy sipping nice cold beer, and between smiles reflecting that "it's all in a day's work", girls.....


Real Truth Online said...

lol, your two readers will love that story---lol. Meanwhile, you IGNORE the REALLY important things I refuted, like your claim the fires burned for 7 hours when even NIST has no evidence of this in their report. But you go ahead and spend all of your energy on black smoke...lol.

the_last_name_left said...

The BBC and CNN both thought this story was important enough to get in touch.

I spent all afternoon filming with them and there's a 40 minute special going out tomorrow.

I refused to give FOX News anything. They can do the heavy-lifting on their own stories.