Friday, 18 November 2011

The 99% are the problem

All organisations and institutions must submit to democratic, parliamentary authority. That battle has already been won, generally, in the West at least.

The problem is the use the 99% put their vote to. Wall St must already submit to Congress - the London Stock Exchange must already submit to Parliament.

The problem is the electorate - not Wall St - not the London Stock Exchange.

Most of the voices claiming to speak for and with the authority of the 99% have nothing to offer - they have nothing to replace that which they seek a revolution to dispose. This is the height of stupidity.

I applaud the sentiments of OWS etc, but it's laughably vacuous imo. Abolish "greed"? Yes, sure. How? SILENCE.

Reduce inequality? Sure. HOW? Silence.

Oppose bank bailouts? Sure - and then we have no banks and the role they play in the economy is gone.....with the effect that....what? There's no economy? Nobody can borrow money to start a business? Great!

And what of the depositors? If the banks are allowed to fail, the depositors lose all their money. The depositors are the 99%. Did OWS forget, or do they not know?

Printing money costs nothing - and moderate inflation only hurts those with money saved: anyone on index-linked pensions, benefits and wages is safe. The wealthy with money hate inflation more than anyone else - debtors love it. Creditors hate inflation - debtors love it.

OWS speaks of public ignorance and self-interest imo. It's framed in rhetoric of concern and class solidarity but I think all that is a fraud. The public never much cared for class solidarity on the way up, only on the way down. Indeed, on the way up that was exactly what they threw overboard - I AM ALRIGHT JACK. Has everyone forgotten? It seems so.

Surprised? I'm not. I think OWS is full of shit. I'm sure lots of people really believe in what they're doing, but they're late to the party and we really need ask why. Well, they're upset because their "I'm alright Jack" paradigm isn't working, and so now they're asking for social/class solidarity. Oh you insist on it?

I'm appalled by the responses I have been getting from OWS supporters to my criticisms. I'd suspected OWS might be prone to fascism and the responses I have had are outrageously (verbally) violent and aggressive. Hardly dissuades me from my original position. It's grotesque.


socrates said...

If you look at the movement that developed in support of Huey Long, then yes, your fears are well founded. Hitler ran on a people power program too.

socrates said...

It's the social-psychology of the masses which forms the bedrock for totalitarianism. Wilhelm Reich said that.

the_last_name_left said...

Well, perhaps that is the stuff I am feeling suspicious and very uneasy about with all this OWS stuff. Certainly the Hitler stuff - I can see OWS complaints echoing through Nazi rallies no problem. Still, the big difference so far is that they haven't scapegoated anyone yet (bankers, politicians, elites yes - but they haven't made the jump to claiming all those people are jews yet (or some other such target). But it isn't that far away - if it becomes understood that those targets are what they are because the people are jews, then we are right there. [I'm not saying those targets are all populated by jews btw - just that if people come to believe that they are.... then we are right in serious mass-movement fascist territory. And it needn't be jews - any such target could take its place. But likely it would be Jews, as they're all old euphemisms for jews anyway.]

I've been trying to communicate to people in OWS that their demands are entirely Nationalistic - and that the American and British working-class are part of the 1%, globally - more than they're the 99% at least. We think we're having it bad? Well, most job losses have been in the developing nations apparently - and food price rises hit them much, much worse, of course.

Christ, what a mess, man! We're indeep shit.

socrates said...
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socrates said...

That's a great point. Most claiming to be in the 99% of the oppressed in America are part of whom would be considered the few richest in the world.

I recall a book related to that concept called North South.

Thanks for the advice on rewriting my deleted stuff, to let the facts do the talking. I just have to come up with new banter and whatnot to string it all together.

I just put one up on the Michael Connell hoax. The narrative is actually easier to follow than the original.

I guess Rivero and Giordano missed out on winning their 100 clams, which is mere peanuts for that poor 99%. Perhaps they value their time more than Kimberlin. There's not much one can get with $100 nowadays. And the truth lives on!

Talisman said...

Hi Mr. Left,

I have viewed OWS favorably because it seems like a grassroots movement against the oligarchy. However, I do think you make some great for thought.

What do you think is the alternative? What should we be doing do achieve a more fair distribution of wealth worldwide?