Monday, 22 August 2011

Rivero's Bullshit edition number 9,382

I had wanted to post this earlier - but didn't get to it, so I'll do it now.

Here's Rivero making some bold claim.

" the absolute catastrophic situation in Libya, which has not a chance of being won by the Western-backed rebels without the introduction of Western ground troops."

Is that so? Right at this moment it looks like being proven very false very quickly.

ETA - from the BBC : 22 August 2011 Last updated at 07:44

Libya conflict: Fighting rages near Gaddafi compound

Libya conflict Live

Heavy fighting is taking place in Tripoli around the compound of embattled Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi after rebels seized control of much of the city on Sunday.

Throughout the night, jubilant crowds remained in central Green Square, previously the scene of nightly pro-Gaddafi demonstrations.

Rebels met little resistance as they swept in from east, south and west.

So much for Rivero's assertions. lol

And what happened to all those mercenaries who were supposed to be fighting for Gadaffi on behalf of the Joooos? And what happened to the Arab Spring? Libya's different? Just like Syria is different? What crazy-arse principle is Rivero applying here? Seemingly, any anti-western (or Islamic) state that gets threatened with the Arab Spring Thing and Rivero thinks it's the evil work of the Jooooos to undermine a legitimate state (a la Syria, Libya and Iran.) But where the government is pro-western, any Arab Spring is then wholly justified in Rivero's eyes - suddenly it's a true expression of the people, liberty! a revolution... blah blah blah. (a la Egypt and Tunisia).

His judgement depends solely upon whether the regime is (A) friendly to USA and (B) Islamic. Or not. That's ridiculous. No assessment of local conditions.....everything judged against position re America (and Israel). Ridiculous. One is good, the other bad. What a binary moron.

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socrates said...

Whipping Obama? And how is that not racist? I guess Rivero knows his demographic- Skinhead city, USA. I noticed a line used in some old movies. They used to say how white of you. How very white of you, Mr. Rivero.