Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Iran supports Rebels - what will Rivero say now?

0847: Iran has expressed its backing for the Libyan rebels, BBC Monitoring reports. A statement by the foreign ministry in Tehran says Iran "supports the people's uprising in Libya and hopes that the Libyan people can decide independently on their future".

The people's uprising? Rivero's invariably in lock-step with Tehran, so how will he bridge this divide? Just ignore it?

Fisk writes today asking "And how soon..[]..before the people of Europe demand to know why, if Nato has been so successful in Libya – as Cameron and his mates now claim – it cannot be used against Assad's legions in Syria, using Cyprus as a territorial aircraft-carrier, devastating the regime's 8,000 tanks and armoured vehicles as they besiege the country's cities."

Well, indeed. Rivero isn't very keen on "the people's uprising" in Syria either.

Counter to Rivero, Fisk says of Syria (and Israel): "Or must we heed the neighbours; Israel still secretly hopes (as it shamefully did in the case of Egypt) that the dictator [Assad] will survive to be a friend and make an ultimate peace over Golan."

They surely can't both be right.

Under the heading "Syria" at Rivero's WRH, there is a story posted by Wake up From Your Slumber blaming Israel......surprise surprise!

It quotes some US document before adding its own spin:
After the 1969 coup, Qadhafi closed American and British bases on Libyan territory and partially nationalized all foreign oil and commercial interests in Libya. He also played a key role in promoting the use of oil embargoes as a political weapon for challenging the West, hoping that an oil price rise and embargo in 1973 would persuade the West, especially the United States, to end support for Israel.
No doubt israel stands to gain richly from a more western allied government in tripoli -- willing to sell its oil to israel.

In fact, if you read this Congressional Report from March 2011: Middle East and North Africa Unrest: Implications for Oil and Natural Gas Markets (PDF), paying close attention to the second half which lists each MENA country and its strategic importance (IRAQ, LIBYA, SYRIA, IRAN and EGYPT among others) you will discover the reason for every political and military intervention by the US and Europe in MENA over the past 10 years.

It's been none other than one massive continuous initiative by the Zionist manipulated West to control the flow of oil from MENA countries.

All roads lead to OIL and the country that stands to benefit most from control over MENA oil is ISRAEL.
HAHA - get that? It's all about oil.....and apparently Israel stands to gain "the most" from its control, which it obtains by "Zionist manipulation of the West". Lordy, how ridiculous.

It makes no sense to argue from a position asking "Who stands to gain the most?" And how does Israel stand to gain the most anyway? Oil is a precious resource for everyone - for those who have it and those who don't.

This is all just rationalisation for anti-semitism. The readiness of people to swallow such nonsense is an expression of the same.

Rivero's published results of Guardian poll, asking whether Syria should be "next" for intervention....

MegaPhoney networks....oh, y, that's when other people organise, not Rivero. I see. When Rivero does it, it isn't propaganda - it's setting the record straight!

I'm very averse to military intervention. However, actually supporting Assad and Gadaffi against popular democracy movements is unconscionable. [Are they popular democracy movements? I don't know.] Has it not occurred to Rivero why these places have needed 'democracy movements'? He keeps insisting that the prevention of peaceful revolution makes violent revolution inevitable.....only that doesn't count for Syria...or Iran...and it didn't count in Libya. As 'enemies of Israel' he seeks to protect these awful regimes, nevermind democracy or the will of the people.

Western hostility and aggression towards regimes which loathe it (Syria, Iran, Libya, Iraq, NK etc) drives Rivero to warn his readers (and world leaders! lol) that these nations have mutual defence pacts, and that aggression against Syria and Iran, say, might trigger WW3 by bringing in Russia on the side of Iran. But when considering western/american defence of Israel, against Syria or Iran, say, suddenly things like defence pacts, alliances and mutual aid are symptoms of Zionist manipulation of the West - rather than legitimate acts of self-defence which reasonably should persuade aggressors of caution (which is how Rivero treats them when used against Israel/the West.)


socrates said...

Just be grateful you weren't born on the same day as Mike Rivero. Thank your pagan gods for Ron Paul and Al Roker. You could have done a lot worse for sharing birthdays. And don't forget Benjamin Harrison, a US President so important no one knows what he looked like. Yeah, I just found your birthday thread. And I saw another where someone from Wales piped in. I bet he's wondering what's a Rivero.I'll tell you what he is. He's the poor man's Lyndon Larouche.

the_last_name_left said...

Larouche seems far smarter......but interminably dull. Ever tried reading his stuff? Jeez, what a bore.

I'm getting pretty tired of it all tbh. Rivero's winding-up coverage of 911 in anticipation of the 10th anniversary. It's like preparing for hate-week.

All the same old, mostly discredited rubbish is coming out. But 10 years and there's absolutely no evidence to directly support any idea of conspiracy (other than an AQ one.) Doesn't that make ANY difference to ANY of these Truthers? Isn't it the TRUTH that after 10 years they have done a very, very poor job of advancing the argument? They have produced absolutely no positive evidence indicative of a conspiracy - that's the TRUTH they won't admit, not even to themselves.

So, argument is pointless. It isn't about an argument, it isn't about the facts - those things are useless in the face of conspiracist faith (dogma). That's one thing I find depressing out of it all. I seem to be about the only person who changed their mind on it (because evidence appeared in support of AQ's guilt, and NOTHING for any other explanation. After 10 years that has to matter, regardless of one's instinct.)

I digress......

socrates said...

No, you aren't digressing. It's actually nice to hear you are getting tired of following Rivero. The same will probably happen with that Canadian chick following Alex Jones.

There are only so many times you can hammer in a nail.