Monday, 23 May 2011

Rivero quotes his own rubbish

Rivero's back to quoting himself for his 'quote of the day' spot. Narcissist?

It's complete rubbish too - look at his first claim:
"Scientists talk about how "lucky" we are that Earth is in the "right" place for life to develop, but they have it backwards. We are the life that evolves on a planet in these conditions. We find Earth comfortable because we evolved here. We see the so-called visible spectrum because that is the light that gets through the atmosphere to illuminate the world. Beings from another world may well see Earth as hostile in the extreme and marvel that we are able to survive and thrive under such unpleasant conditions." -- Michael Rivero
Scientists do not say 'how lucky we are that earth is in the right place'.

Typical Rivero, completely misrepresenting what someone says.

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