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Loughner NOT Jewish

Anti-semites, whitesupremacists and nazis have been quick to promote the notion that Loughner was Jewish, thereby apparrently removing any anti-semitic motivation for Loughner's attack (supposedly). But seems it just isn't true:
It is appalling how one comment---a friend of Jared Loughner telling a Mother Jones’ reporter that Jared Loughner’s mother is “Jewish”---goes viral in an instant.

In hours, "this fact" was all over on anti-Semitic sites. And, of course, there are the “commentators” who love to ‘blame the victim’ via some pop psychology theory that Jared acted out of “Jewish self-hatred.”

I figured that this was the moment to try and get “truth” dressed, and into the public arena a lot faster than usual. In other words, to use the tools of the internet to determine the veracity of what this friend told Mother Jones.

I cover Jews in popular culture for Jewish newspapers and I know how often famous people are mis-identified as Jewish or mis-identified as not Jewish. I also know that a lot of people are not outright lying about claiming someone is Jewish---they just get it wrong.

So, with my friend Michael, we ran down everything we could from public records on Jared Loughner’s mother’s family background. It took a lot of “search terms” and databases to find what we did.

Here’s what we found:

Jared Lee Loughner’s mother is Amy Totman Loughner;

Amy Loughner---Known Parentage from Public Records:

Her [Amy’s] parents were Lois May Totman and Laurence Edward Totman.

----Lois M. Totman died in 1999 and Laurence E. Totman died in 2005. Both were registered nurses. Laurence worked at a VA facility in Tucson. We both found this info via google news archives, social security death index.

From 1930 census records

Laurence E. Totman was born in Illinois in 1925.

His (Laurence’s) parents were Laurence A. Totman and his wife, Mary.

Laurence Totman pere (the elder) was born in Kansas to a Pennsylvania father and an Illinois mother. Mary was from Illinois, as were both of her parents.

A sister-in-law named Myrtle M. Brennan is listed as living with them also.

1920/1910 census records---Totman Family:

In 1920, Lawrence Totman, (Jared’s) great-grandfather, is living with his aunt, Rosa Clarke, who was born in illinois to two Irish-born parents.

Rosa is his mother's sister. On the 1910 census, his (Laurence, the elder) maternal grandparents are listed as Irish-born.

Father, Orvie Totman was born in Ohio to Ohio-born parents.

Amy Loughner’s Mother’s Line:

See obit, below, from Arlington (Illinois) Daily Record, June 24, 1999---Obituary of Helen Medernach of Virgil, Illinois. Helen was the sister of Lois M. Totman (the mother of Amy Totman Loughner). Helen was the great aunt of Jared Loughner.

As you can see, Helen’s funeral (mass) was held at a Catholic church. Helen (and Lois) were the children of Anton Bleifuss and Jessie Bleifuss (nee Anderson). Lois M. Totman died just days after her sister, Helen.

According to the census records, Anton Bleifuss was born in Bremen, Germany, to German parents. Jessie Anderson Bleifuss was born in Illinois to a father born in Denmark and a mother born in Illinois.

Conclusion---It is exceedingly unlikely that Amy Loughner has any Jewish ancestry. The only “line” not traced his Amy’s father’s mother’s family. The other three lines (Amy’s father’s father, Amy’s mother’s father, and Amy’s mother mother)---show, to all but the most obtuse, that these were/are not Jewish families. Moreover, it is quite clear that Amy’s mother, Lois Bleifuss Trotman, came from a Catholic family.
Also, we have this from an interview with the Rabbi of the synagogue that was claimed to be Loughner's mother's place of worship:
"We had a meeting of the Tucson Board of Rabbis. We all looked at our rosters from many years back. No one has ever heard of the family -- him, his parents, any of them. I can say with absolute certainty that we do not know him in pretty much the entire affiliated community."

I would add this: Bleifuss may be a Jewish name. (The noted investigative journalist, Joel Bleifuss, is Jewish.) Anton Bleifuss, Jared Lee Loughner's great-grandfather, might then have been Jewish -- but not so committed that he didn't defer to his wife when it came to raising the children as Roman Catholics.

As I noted in my earlier posting, Jared Loughner is not the most reliable of reporters, and Tierney's recollection was added as an aside. Mix into this the fact that Amy Loughner's brother is Anton Totman -- apparently named for his mother's father.

Loughner's family was in no way Jewish, nor was his mother -- but she might have mentioned her Jewish grandfather, beloved enough to live on in her brother's name, with pride or interest. Under those circumstances Loughner, who sought "chaos" according to Tierney, might have sought to provoke his mother and his uncle by pretending to admire (or actually admiring) Adolph Hitler. He might have told Tierney that his mother was Jewish as a shorthand, or might have seen her as Jewish -- like I said, not the most reliable reporter. Or he might have explained the lineage, and Tierney might understandably have conflated it as "mother Jewish."
So........seems he wasn't Jewish. I notice that Rivero is carrying this story about Loughner being Jewish as FACT. It's also appeared at, with the attribution being Jamie Nazi Kelso's WhiteNews website. Kelso's website started this story.....and who is this Jamie Kelso, trusted by Rivero, Alex Jones and Rense?
Kelso joined the neo-Nazi group National Alliance in 2003. He then spent two years living in former Klan leader David Duke’s house while working as his personal assistant, all the while serving as a moderator for hate web guru Don Black’s forum, Stormfront. In 2010, Kelso joined the racist political party, American Third Position, where he is a key behind-the-scenes operative.
What a source! Trustworthy, of course......


Larry said...

I just read that the Giffords' and the Loughner's were members of the same synagogue. Is this true? If so, then Loughner is Jewish.

Larry said...

I just saw a story on prisonplanet that showed a man on a youtube video who had filmed and posted footage of Giffords' Youtube page [her official congress youtube page] and on the bottom left of the page she had two subscriptions: Congressman Ike Skelton and JARED LOUGHNER!! As you know, a SUBSCRIPTION on youtube means that YOU are the one sending out the request to be YOUR contact. A SUBSCRIBER is someone who sends YOU the request to be THEIR contact, and Loughner was listed as one of her TWO SUBSCRIPTIONS.

Since then, Loughner's subscription has been removed. The man who made the video showing the congresswomans page posted his video on Jan 9 and he filmed it AFTER the shooting because how would he know to even film the page showing Giffords' subscription to Loughner's page BEFORE we even knew Loughner's name and what he did? Do you have answers for this?

Here's the link to the mans video:

the_last_name_left said...

The original source for that claim about Loughner being Jewish seems to have come from something one of his "friends" had said. It's made quite a little splash appearing at Kelso's WhiteNews website and from there echoed by both Rivero and Rense.

Rense and Rivero quite openly attribute the story to Kelso's "WhiteNews" btw - though they don't mention Kelso's a Nazi, of course. (Aren't they supposed to be anti-nazi? They certainly like to give that impression, don't they?)

Rivero made a big song and dance about how sickening it was for people to cynically exploit this incident for their own political agenda. But that didn't stop him running with the Nazi/Kelso source saying that Loughner was Jewish, and that the entire Jewish community (and the entire American media) were lying about it and 'covering it all up'. All the media lies except for the Nazi media, of course - according to Rivero. Nice.

I'm satisfied atm that Loughner wasn't jewish. I feel disgusted that it matters.

About the YouTube thing, I have no idea. I wouldn't put it past someone to hoax. Not difficult to do a screenshot. Or hack. I don't know. I'm extremely suspicious of any such claims.

It's sad that it matters whether Loughner is Jewish or not, isn't it? Nobody much kills Welsh people because they're Welsh....and here I am wondering if someone was killed because they're Jewish. It's ugly.

I'm a bit concerned I am just contributing to it all too.

Real Truth Online said...

I noticed how you havent debunked shit on my blog [what else is new?]

Anonymous said...

I am Amy Totman's cousin. Her mother (Lois)and my mother were sisters. My mother and Lois were members of the local Methodist church. Teenage boys do and say all sorts of things to provoke their parents. Undoubtedly Jared's supposed comments regarding his mother being Jewish were just that. Provocations. Nothing more.

the_last_name_left said...

Thanks for posting.

David Kessler Author said...

The fact that "she" has so few subscribers is proof that it is a forgery. I notice that "Larry" doesn't provide a link to either the "gabrielle giffords" channel of the "Jared Loughner" channel. Anyone can set up a YouTube channel in any name that is available (i.e. unused). There is no way of knowing who set up these channels.