Saturday, 30 January 2010

Man, are Halfway some bona fide wankers

I'm so banned I can't even link to the thread. That blows chunks - bastards.

Anyway - I posted here and got banned - for writing this:
I would like to draw attention to the articles posted here and in the original thread that's central to this post - "does anti-zionism = anti-semitism?" - I would simply ask the reader to take a closer look at the nature of the arguments in that thread, the content and style of the articles posted, and the history of the posters involved.

I would ask you to note:

1) Rogue and plain *wrong* definitions of anti-semitism are accepted as true. (So the entire question, and hence the thread, is misguided. But no-one cares..... Did you notice? Nevermind that it's easy to prove an equivalence between things when one's entire definitions are based on a tacit and circular equivalence of the very things under discussion? And no matter that the basic definitions are plain wrong. Doesn't it matter?)

2) Only a single perspective is considered. Opposing views are not represented. There is an obvious inability to understand opposing views at all - let alone to recognise them as remotely reasonable even if obviously conflicting.

3) Extremist, far-right and anti-semitic sources are quoted - and endorsed. (Why even ask crypto-nazis about "da joooos"? Does anyone really need telling what opinion a crypto-nazi has about joooos? Who takes the opinion of nazis as validation? Why should I? Why is this the dominant viewpoint presented?)

4) The only voice of jews present is that of jewish critics of Israel. Otherwise jewish voices are entirely absent. Like how the far-right employ Benjamin Freedman - the only use made of jewish opinion is that of the supposedly "honest" know, the jewish critics of jews. They're the honest jews - all the others are the jew liars.....the cockroaches.....the cancer etc etc.

5) The commenters at the website in question, Halfway.con, have a history of associating with and endorsing the ideas, themes, organisations and goals of organised fascism.

6) Overlying it all, the thread betrays an obvious inabilty to recognise genuine antisemitism. Without this ability to distinguish, one really must consider the "question" to be specious, dissembling, anti-semitic bullshit. Which it certainly is, IMO.

I ask you - consider what the thread was seeking to do?

The thread superficially appears to be saying criticism of israel/zionism is *not* necessarily anti-semitic. Fair enough, perhaps. There's an argument to be had there, for sure.

But the thread goes much further than that - it clearly seeks to claim that the term "anti-semitism" is used only to silence critics of .........what? Well.......look at the terms used? "the jewish mafia", "the zionist mafia", "zionism", israel. And go look at the sources? Look at their general use of "joooos"? We know what they mean, and they don't have to say it..........and definitions aren't important in a thread about definitions are they?

If this is an argument about definitions then surely the protagonists might at least themselves be careful about their defintions?

But are they?

No - clearly not.

Go read the definitions? Go read the "skill" with which they distinguish?

How can you ask the question if you can't even distinguish?

Anti-semitism is a prejudice against jews.

Go see if you can find a decent definition of anti-semitism in that thread?

Go see if you can find any recognition in that Halfway thread of what genuine anti-semitism is?

It isn't there. SO what are they asking, really?

I would ask you to note the context:

The people on the thread - at Halfway - support Arthur Topham's freedom of speech: they endorse and condone publications presenting extreme anti-semitism; they promote and condone white nationalism, fascism and even nazism.

That is "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" apparently.

And yet, whilst they argue this, they are busy censoring critics of their opinion.

They are censoring critics of their anti-semitism.

They're censoring critics of their far-right sources, censoring critics of the Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion........Topham......Curt Maynard...Stormfront.

That's what their "free speech" commitment consists of ----- opening avenues for the racist far-right.......

You've gotta be free to hate, to be really free, right?

No - I don't think so. I don't think you earn it like that.

Being intolerant of intolerance is no paradox - in the real world. Not at all.

What's the choice? To be so tolerant of intolerance that tolerance is obliterated? Oh great! Thanks for the wisdom.
It got deleted. says it all.

For that outrageous diatribe I got this:

They did say:
Dear Marx and Spencer,

Thanks for registering at Personal Development for Smart People Forums! We are glad you have chosen to be a part of our community and we hope you enjoy your stay.

All the best,
Personal Development for Smart People Forums
But then they banned me.

Freedom of speech ------ gotta love it? Fuck you, wankers.

And that includes you too, Sweejack.


socrates said...

We should ignore the resident troll and work together when possible.

He's saying you get less than a visitor a day, but I doubt it. Aircraft Wings always has visitors, even if most of them are robots and spiders.

Ok, I've done a bit of sleuthing for you.

Austin, Texas appears to have emerged for Sweejack's location. My gut tells me much disinfo is based out of that city.

Podcast: Austinites raise their voices for Gaza

Organizers of the demonstration vowed to continue organizing against the Israeli war on Gaza. I’m Ansel Herz, in Austin.

So they banned you for having two names in your username? That's a new one.

It looks like a very unique username. He is at the Jack Blood forum, which is associated with Michael Rivero, if I'm not mistaken.

Wow, check this out, he's been on CNN and works for Al Giordano!

youtube link

Ha, he also posts at Rigorous Intuition. Apparently he was linking to a holocaust denier website.

TLNL, I am good at what I do. Better to work with me at least here or there than waste time pissing in the wind at anti-semitic websites.

It's good to keep track of these buggers. If he ever starts to advance in journalism, one of us will have to drop a dime. Does Al Giordano know one of his journalism students appears to be an anti-semite? That is, if sweejack is truly Ansel Herz. He appears to be one and the same. Unless Ansel was stealing an image from Sweejack's flick'r account.

Damn, I'm good. [/kissing my own hand while making love to the mirror]

socrates said...

Ok, I better retract. It's obvious he was probably borrowing the image. Sorry for the false alarm.

socrates said...

Sorry, Ansel Herz

socrates said...

On second thought, this was one of the most stupid blog entries I've ever read. You can't link to the thread you got banned on?

That's one big ass dumb forum, and you expect us to run around trying to figure out what the fock you are on about?

The readers are supposed to seek out how this dumbass forum is worth the time? What's up with the forum owners, Pavlina and whomever? Who are they? Basically, TLNL, you seem to be creating rabbit holes. You throw shit up without explaining it.Like when you had that putdown on Larry Simon mionths ago in the posting section here. And I was like who the heck is Simons? Now it's like why does TLNL put things like this up without explaining them?

You didn't even get Sweejak's name correct. In a google search of the site, sweejak shows up, but not sweejack the way you spell it.

And then I'm the one who looks like an idiot for caring about this shit and mistaking Sweejak for some Giordano affiliated dude from Austin, Texas because you felt the need to put up a confusing blog entry. Please come up with better stuff than this. It's not fair.

socrates said...

Okay, I guess you expect me to clean up your mess. I'll do a little.

Anti-Semitism Is A Lie! -essay

Is that the thread you posted on?

You started this thread. You should do some work on it.

Ok, I'm reading that thread now and see exactly that this was the thread you're talking about. Ha! You still did a piss poor blog entry forcing me and good readers to wonder wtf you were talking about.

Some posts:

"Thanks. I enjoyed that. And what's with Aunty Semite? Professional troll? "

"Aunty Semite is indeed a professional troll. He was banned from the forum and keeps returning. His roots are from the forum WhatReallyHappened, and has a history of trolling. He went by the username "LNL"."

You're fairly useless here, TLNL. I'm trying to figure this out, because you have left this dump of an entry. Why did the forum say you had two accounts? Why should I run around to figure this out? I'm not happy with Israel's treatment of Palestinians. You never ever call Israel to the woodshed for their evil transgressions. I guess I need to read and figure out the original link given at that forum on the topic. Thanks for giving me another rabbit hole, like you did by calling Larry Simons a twat or the "c" word without explaining why. Thus you wasted my time twice. First, I had to figure out who Larry Simons is. Then when I did, it turned out he was a waste of time. A double waste of time. Thanks. Not.

socrates said...

Ok, I found that other thread you were talking about, and why you don't like Sweejak.


I see they are talking about you. I see that the image you posted here is Sweejak's avatar. I remember you mentioned this forum in the past. But seriously dude, get a grip, and be more clear about things. I don't have all this free time to waste chasing down ghosts you could have explained in the first place. I still don't understand the connection to the Steven Pavlina forum. You haven't proven that there is an infiltrator or whatever moderator that got you banned. You should be the one to explain things like this.

the_last_name_left said...

I'm not saying there's an "infiltrator" or anything.

I'm just illustrating that one gets banned for opposing anti-semitism, even in "discussions" which are ostensibly about "what is anti-semitism/anti-zionism?".

Clearly the discussion at Halfway is not undertaken in good faith -- and compounds the problem -- by condoning the anti-semitic sentiment there (and by totally failing to recognise it *as* anti-semitism - even as they censor reasonable criticism of it (mine))

As I said, I am so banned from Halfway I can't even provide the direct link. I should have got it from the StevePavlina - I forgot it was there, stupidly.

There's not much to understand about it......I'm just documenting the facts.

I know Sweejack is mis-spelt: it's Sweejak. He's a character found all over the place.......for instance at RigInt, SOTT, WRH....Halfway....Alex Jones....etc.

Sweejak was mixed up with Jack Blood. He does (presumably unpaid) promotion for Alex Jones and all those other nuts.

He took offence at my exposing Alex Jones as a right-wing disinfo moron.

one time I asked him to find out what Alex Jones thought about socialised medicine. Sweejak seemed to suggest Alex Jones would support it.....which has proven to be a total fucking joke considering Jones' vicious and ideological opposition to healthcare reform. Alex is with the teabaggers.....with Ron Paul....with the Armey FreedomWorks crowd. As detailed by Frank Shaeffer, for example.

People who a few years back would have attacked Armey, Freedomworks and other such corporate pressure groups have swung behind the false view that they stand for "Freedom". Pathetic. Such people are enemies of the working class. Rightist sell-outs. Such as.....Sweejak. RonPaul shared a stage at the teaparty protest -- alond with Armey. Freedomworks were all over it. Right woos left - it's a very good example of it. Sweejak is a good example of it.....of how people are useful idiots.

Incidentally, did you know that Lew Rockwell and his extreme free-market thinktank have been funded by a wealthy businessman all this time? The businessman also supported Vanguard News Network, andd other far-right sources, which he believed help get his message across.

I find it hilarious that LewRockwell is being wealthy that he can rail against......government subsidies..... Wanker. Funny they never mention their own need for subsidy?

socrates said...

I was probably a bit too harsh on you.

I hust don't have the time to figure out if Steve Pavlina is part of right woos left, or if there's some other reason you were censored and banned.

He might be infiltrated. Maybe you pissed off a mod who is unaware of the crap we are aware of, so when you mentinoned that Ocean Shit website, they didn't know what you were on about.

Fricken Larry the latent homosexual has a hard on for me and your website. He wasnts me to prove he's a wingnut. The guy is linking to Rense, Alex Jones, and an assortment of other conspiracy theory websites. I know people can call me a hypocrite for getting into weather mitigation, but at least I didn't rely or even go too near any crap concerning that topic.

Sweejak is clearly a douchebag.

I didn't know about that Lew Rockwell connection. It sounds like you've found another Willis Carto type. I've been working RigInt a bit of late. I've been also finding there is a network of real life Phd psychologists who are focking with mentally ill people, condoning and maybe even being responsible for their acceptance of bullshit recovered memories of being in government sponsored ritual abuse or MKUltra. I've a new entry in the works carrying on with that kind of stuff. Another avenue for us is to expose various publishers. One of the authors pertaining to that stuff got her book published by Dandelion, the one you linked to Rivero, or I did using one of your finds. There's also Trine Publishing and Feral House. Conspiracy bullshit ruining real lives. Man, if it weren't for the few like us, a lot of shit would be totally hidden. Where the fock is the cavalry? Too much is resting on the shoulders of the few. Peace out.

the_last_name_left said...


Well, what did Hilary Clinton say? A vast rightwing network.......

she was dismissed too easily?