Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Chilcot - Iraq War Illegal

Iraq war was illegal, top government lawyer tells Chilcot inquiry

Foreign Office legal adviser says use of force against Iraq contravened international law


Along with this lawyer, and others, saying the legal opinion in the UK government was that the Iraq War would be illegal, we have the Attorney General's opinion on the legal aspects of the war, and his advice to Blair about it.

Astonishing to read (the Attorny General) Lord Goldsmith's dry (and self-incriminatory) argument about the war's "legality" knowing that somewhere around 1,000,000 innocent people died because of it.

And amazing too to recognise how close and almost indistinguishable the greatest war-crime is from something perfectly legal - and presumably moral - for these well-educated, highly paid, heads of the Great and Good.

Look how difficult they find it to distinguish between a war crime and legality? Look at how little appears to seperate the two things - at least in the eyes and thoughts of those populating the highest positions in the land.............


Attorney General Letter of Advice to Tony Blair (from Chilcot Inq.)

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socrates said...

Obama should have set up a truth and reconciliation commission. He should have actually gone after the war criminals. But for him to virtually sweep this under the rug, unless I missed something, pisses me off.