Saturday, 24 July 2010



Martin Firestein said...

Welcome back. I thought you abandoned the blog for good. You've missed some good Rivero stuff since your last post.

He posted a link to a youtube video by David Duke

And then he linked to this:

the_last_name_left said...

Hi, Marty.

That rebelnews article? It has it all - extreme anti-semitism.

Rivero must know what he's doing. It's disgusting.

I stopped because I was sick of spending time in the headspace of monsters like Rivero. The other forum is only marginally better - it's ridiculous. I'll probably carry on posting here eventually, once I get some energy or.... rage. lol. The post is about a game, Empire TotalWar.

I'm not a happy bunny atm - weight of the past. Thanks for dropping by though.

Martin Firestein said...

Oh, here's another one:

"Jews control 40% of the nation's wealth"

"Many of the news agencies are owned/employ Jews in high positions."

Oy vey!